LTFRB’s “Drivers’ Academy” For PUV Drivers Starts Thursday

With public transport a huge component of daily life in Metro Manila, it only seems fitting to have trained, disciplined drivers behind the wheels as thousands of commuters put their trust in them. However, amidst reports of reckless driving, accidents, traffic violations and poor driver conduct, The LTFRB is launching a drivers’ academy for those manning PUVs on Thursday.LTFRB Pink Bus (1) - featured

The PUV Drivers’ Academy covers basic road safety, driving courtesy, and traffic rules and regulations. Drivers are mandated to attend the training in order to renew their licenses and franchises, which require presenting certificates of completion of the one-day seminar.

According to local reports, around 100 PUV drivers attended the initial training seminar at the LTFRB main office in Quezon City. The training, meanwhile, will also be replicated in the LTFRB regional offices over the country.

Do you think this would be helpful to our drivers? Let us know your thoughts!


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