A Love Letter to Ebe Dancel’s Music


Ebe Dancel is a name that we’ve heard so many times during music festivals, gigs, and that guy from the band Sugarfree. This guy has been in the music industry for 20 years now. Some of the Gen Z kids may not know this guy, but boomers and millennials know him very well.


I first learned about Ebe when I was in college. I was not a big fan back then because OPM was not that “in” before. I would just listen to his song in the comfort of my room while chilling. I remember only having a few favorite Filipino bands back then and he’s probably the only Filipino artist I know. His song that I used to listen to was ‘Bawat Daan’. I loved that song so much (and still do). Today, OPM has boomed once again and I can safely say that this is one of the Filipino music industry’s successful eras.


Ever since I first heard Ebe, I knww that he wouldn’t be one of those mainstream artists who are just one-hit-wonders. He never wanted to be famous. He just wants to sing and share his music with the world. And you don’t have to interview him or talk to him to know this. You can see that music is truly his passion just by watching him.


When I had my first and current boyfriend, going to my favorite bands’ and artists’ gigs became easy. That’s when I started going to Ebe’s live gigs. Since 2015, I think I watched him live at least once a year. So, when I heard that he was going to have a major concert this year, I prayed hard to the concert gods to let me be part of this memorable event. And boy, it did not disappoint.


The moment Ebe Dancel stepped on stage, it was like the stars came down from the sky to shine on him. You see, he’s always been a low-key guy. Having watched him in the past, all he needs are a guitar and microphone to share his music with the world. No need for fancy-schmancy equipment or elaborate productions; just a guitar and the support of his band are enough. During this concert, though, the Manila String Machine accompanied him and everything just fell perfectly into place.


Out of all of the artists and bands that I have watched live, it is always Ebe who gives his audience the outmost satisfaction after all of his shows. During this major concert, he played 20 songs and though it wasn’t enough for all of us, we appreciate how every song he sang and played touched our hearts. That’s the magic of this guy. Every time he sings, you just feel it. You get to feel the emotions behind all of his performances and at the end of all of his shows; you have a happy yet confusing feeling. It’s like you wanna hug the person you love, or be alone and contemplate life for a while. Some songs make me feel that I want to hop on a bus and go to the nearest beach just to appreciate life and feel alive. That is Ebe Dancel’s impact on his audience. And what amazes me the most is that no matter where he performs – with or without technical difficulties – you always get the same excellent quality from his performances.


Ebe Dancel with The Manila String Machine was the first major concert of Ebe, and the most memorable one for me. Aside from the tickets selling out within 12 hours of release, they sold out again when they opened more free seating tickets. At the end of the night, Ebe got a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience and at that moment, I know that he won’t be fading from the music scene anytime soon. This guy has a long way to go despite already having two decades of experience in the music industry. He deserves to be heard by more people. His music deserves all of the love that it can get from my fellow Filipinos. He deserves all of the support in his lifetime.


So to you Ebe Dance, if you are reading this, thank you for the 20 years of great music. Thank you for the passion that you give your craft. Despite all of the challenges that you have overcome and will overcome in the future, I know that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore. You are one of the industry’s living legends. And with that, we wish you all the best and may you have many more decades to come.

I honestly can’t wait for another concert once the world is calmer once again.

Ebe Dancel

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EbeDancelMusic

Twitter / Instagram: @ebedancel

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