Louvre Museum Tour: How to Get Louvre Tickets to Skip the Long Lines

When in France, the Louvre Museum is one must-visit attraction. I mean, everybody has heard about it. What’s more, it has been featured in so many well-known movies and books, such as The Da Vinci Code, Wonder Woman, Midnight in Paris, and Red Notice. More recently, Heartstopper Season 2 also shot episodes in the Louvre and around Paris in general.

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What is Special About Louvre Museum?

For starters, Louvre Museum is the biggest museum in the world housing a collection of 35,000 pieces of art spanning more than 7,000 years. It’s the perfect attraction for art lovers and anyone interested in witnessing beauty, in general.

Louvre Museum Tour How to Get Louvre Tickets Louvre Museum Ceiling

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The glass pyramid found at the entrance of the museum is practically a global symbol for famous art now. The famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci can actually be found in the museum plus so many more stunning pieces, including the Venus de Milo, Marriage at Cana, The Winged Victory of Samothrace, and The Coronation of Napoleon. It really is no wonder why so many tourists visit the museum every day.

Louvre Museum Tour How to Get Louvre Tickets Louvre Museum Venus de Milo

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When I visited towards the end of summer, the place was absolutely packed – a testament of the stunning art found within. And there is so much to see. Being the biggest museum in the world, our tour guide said that it would take at least three days to see everything inside the museum. If only I had the time and luxury to do that… one day… one day…

Louvre Museum Tour How to Get Louvre Tickets Louvre Museum Mona Lisa

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How to Get Louvre Tickets

If you plan on visiting France sometime soon and are wondering how to get Louvre tickets, Klook has a great Louvre deal you should check out. They have many options available including private tours, group tours, multi-language audio guides, and professional tour guides. You can also choose add-ons like a river cruise, access to Mona Lisa, an Eiffel Tower and cruise ticket, as well as bus tickets.

Is It Better to Buy Tickets to the Louvre in Advance?

DEFINITELY. I booked my ticket through Klook in advance and I am so happy I did because I was not prepared for the crowd that I saw there. If you plan on just winging it, chances are you’ll have to stand in line for a looooong time or, even worse, you might not be able to get in at all.

Booking my Louvre tour through Klook ensured that I had a ticket ready for my preferred timeslot (just make sure you get there early because the tour guide is quite hard to spot) and that I skipped the long line to get into the museum itself. The guide also handed out audio devices so that we could hear his input even from far away and in a crowded space.

Louvre Museum Tour How to Get Louvre Tickets Louvre Museum Audio Tour Guide

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I would highly recommend getting a tour guide so you can learn interesting facts about the areas, sculptures, and paintings found within Louvre Museum. They will also direct you towards special art of interest that you might not know about.

Book Louvre tickets here.

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