Loom Supply & Co.: Your One Stop Shop For All Your Looming Needs

When in Manila, you must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the latest accessory craze: loom bands!

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And if you want to join in on the fun, Loom Supply & Co. has everything from loom boards, to hooks, to colorful bands, to the entire kit!

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Making loom bands has become the perfect hobby to kill time. Many even do it simultaneously while working or studying.

If you want your own kit, here’s how to order (grabbed from Loom Supply & Co’s Facebook page):


1. Message Loom Supply & Co. on Facebook or Viber/text us at 0917 328 6262 with the following details:
– Name of Customer
– Contact Number (if order was made on Facebook)
– Product Name/s & Quantity in parentheses 
ex. Loom Board (2 pcs.)
– Address for shipping (if you are not ordering by meet-up) or your preferred meet-up place from the following: UST campus, Regis along Katipunan, UP campus, any point in Maginhawa
– Time & Date of preferred meet up

2. Details and confirmation regarding your order will be in the form of a message depending on how you contacted us. 
ex. If you messaged us on Facebook, we’ll reply to you there. Same goes with Viber or SMS.

3. Payment; 
-For meet ups, we only accept payment in cash so please inform us ahead of time with how much you are paying with so we can give you the right amount of change. 
– For shipping, please deposit the exact amount of your total order (including the shipping fee) in our Security Bank account. We will disclose our account number & branch. Please take a picture of the deposit slip (with clear detail) and send it to us so we have proof that you paid us the right amount. (or really, just that you paid us at all) 

We ship via LBC, Xend, or Metrowide.

See courier sites here: 

4. On the day of meet-up or shipping, we’ll call or text you for confirmation and reassurance that your order is complete and ready to go. Also, please message us once you’ve received your package.

5. We’d love to hear what your feedback is regarding your experience with Loom Supply & Co. so feel free to message us again!

For a list of their prices, you can refer to the image below:

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When in Manila, visit Loom Supply & Co.! Your one stop shop for all your looming needs!

Loom Supply & Co.


0917 328 6262