INSPIRING: Looks Like She Is Using the Stethoscope Incorrectly But She Has a Good Reason Why

Doctor Incorrect Stethoscope

A netizen shared a photo on Facebook of what looks like someone using a stethoscope in an incorrect manner. However, she has a reason why she did this.

According to John Phillip Pesebre, the netizen who posted the photo, it is about healing, redemption, and inspiration from Korean telenovela.

The lady on the photo, who seemed to be using the stethoscope incorrectly, isĀ Aiah de Paz, an MD-PhD in Molecular Medicine student of UP Manila. The photo was shared on her wall by Ratio Christi Philippines, a non-profit organization and Student Apologetics Alliance.

When asked what she was doing, she told Pesebre via message:

We were in a medical mission [just recenlty] in one of the communities in Palawan. There is this old woman who was brought to us for gospel sharing after the consult. However, she could not hear well. The Lord reminded me of this trick I saw in a Korean medical-romantic telenovela. So I took my stethoscope and used it as a hearing aid. She could finally hear well so I got to tell her about Jesus. When I first asked her if she knows Jesus, she looked confused and then she said, ‘Ah! Yun yung apelyido ng kakilala ko!’ [Ah! That’s the surname of a friend of mine.] Haha. Natawa po ako [I smiled] at the same time nalungkot kasi di ko po alam bakit di nya po kilala si Jesus [felt sad because she did not know who Jesus is]. So I shared starting from the Creation up the point when the Creator became our Savior. Praise God because she prayed to receive Christ. My heart leaped with joy when she said in her own words to Jesus, “Iligtas nyo po ako” [“Please save me.”] She also expressed how much she wants to learn more about God’s Word. Ang amazing po ni God kasi sobrang eager nya po [God is so amazing because she was so eager].

Isn’t that a great way to use a stethoscope?


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