LOOK: Will You Ride the Titanic II? It Looks Exactly Like the First One

LOOK Will You Ride the Titanic II It Looks Exactly Like the First One

Jack and Rose became immortal as the star-crossed lovers who didn’t end up together in the cult classic Titanic. The film reimagines the sinking of the 1912 ship after it hit an iceberg. It is one of the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters, killing over 1,500 people, including famous businessmen and millionaires. After 106 years, the spirit of Titanic is returning with Titanic II, set to sail in 2018.

Australian businessman Clive Palmer faithfully recreated the infamous ship, from the length to the height, weight, number of decks, Turkish baths, and Edwardian gym.

It will even have the grand staircase that was prominent in the film.

The differences are in the details. Titanic II will be 13 feet wider, and will have a helipad and more advanced safety features, like more lifeboats.

One issue of the first Titanic was that it only had 20 lifeboats for the 3,327 passengers.

Titanic II can accommodate 2,435 passengers and 900 crew members.

Titanic II cost 0 to 0 million to build.

Watch a video of the new Titanic below:

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