LOOK: We Actually Messaged People With Song Lyrics And This Is What Happened

When In Manila, or anywhere else in the world, we’ve been seeing viral posts on social media where people used song lyrics to message other people and the hilarious results that ensued. So, not to be outdone, me and my friends decided to do the same to see where it would take us. The results were better than we expected:

Sometimes it just went on and on.

And we were just on the other end of the messaging line thinking: “omagad this cannot get any better!”

song-lyrics-messages-1b song-lyrics-messages-1c


But then there were those who caught on early:


Some friends were just plain confused



Sometimes, though, it didn’t quite work out ????


song-lyrics-messages-2a song-lyrics-messages-2b


And then there were those good friends who’d just let us have our merry way ????


song-lyrics-messages-4a song-lyrics-messages-4b

So there you go! That little experiment was actually more fun than we thought it would be!

Click HERE for the full album.

For now, here’s the actual song, for your listening pleasure:

*** all names have been censored but I personally assure you we’re all still good friends even after this. To these people, you know who you are, you guys are the absolute best!

** Special thanks to my friend Farah for help with this

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What do you think about this? Have you done anything similar?