LOOK: Unleash Your Wild Creativity at This New Immersive Experience in Metro Manila

Don’t have any plans on leaving the city during the next long weekend? We get it, the intense traffic going in and out of Metro Manila can sometimes make you choose to stay put in the city.

Well, you don’t have to be bored at home because there’s a new fun immersive experience to visit in Manila.

Artboom is a new indoor immersive experience that allows you to unleash your creativity in the wildest ways.


Artboom just opened its doors this August 2023 and we got the chance to experience firsthand all the activities that they offer.

This new space is not hard to miss, especially since the colorful interiors can easily be spotted outside.


Once you enter Artboom, you’ll instantly see what looks to be an ice cream sundae station. It’s actually the “Slime Creamerie”—an arts and crafts station where you can design and create your own slime.


You get to choose what type of slime you want, what kind of “toppings” or charms, which color, and which scent you want your slime to smell like.


Then, there’s the “Momento Mania” where you can go crazy with beads and charms. You can design keychains, bracelets, and even a pouch with your choice of charms. You can also choose to paint some stone memorabilia which you can use as home decor or paper weights.


In “Beaker Bistro”, you’ll feel like a chemist while creating your choice of either scented soap, cleaning products, or scented candles! Of course, all materials are provided—including safety gear.


If you’re a certified sweet tooth, you’ll surely enjoy “Sugargasm”. In this station, you can bake and decorate your sweet treats! All you have to do is choose what to bake, follow the instructions, and have a taste of your very own baked goods.

The wildest station just might kick the fun levels up a notch. At the far end of Artboom, you’ll find “Paint Shack” where you can go crazy with paint!


The Paint Shack has a variety of activities you can try to create the coolest abstract painting.

One activity we got to try was the Tint Tosser. Here, we sent paint balloons flying at our canvas using a giant slingshot! It was loads of fun and it was super satisfying to watch our paint balloons burst onto our canvas.


After trying out the different painting activities, you also get to bring home your painting.

To make sure you can go all out in the Paint Shack, Artboom provides a protective suit and boots so that you don’t have to worry about paint getting on your clothes.


While waiting for your painting to dry, you can try out the fun arcade games all around Artboom, or take photos in every Instagrammable corner of the space. There’s even a “pool” of giant “rainbow sprinkles” where you can take lots and lots of photos.


You can enjoy your choice of activity at Artboom with a starting rate of PHP 100. While each activity has its own rate (depending on which ones you choose), you can also check out the package rates that let you enjoy multiple activities—and bring home more goodies.

If you’re planning on your next unique party, Artboom also offers party packages (with a minimum of 30 people).

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Artboom offers a mix of fun activities that will bring out your creativity and just make your inner child extra happy. Artboom is a space not just for kids but for the kids at heart.


4/F Eastwood Mall, Quezon City


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