LOOK: These Tweets Show Fans Going Crazy Over BLACKPINK As They Arrive in Manila

How crazy have you gone over a celebrity sighting in Manila? We’ve heard and seen fans of Korean stars go absolutely crazy during their meet-and-greets, but this time, fans also went crazy when Korean girl group BLACKPINK arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Friday night.

Here are some tweets of the fans who were there to witness the crazy spectacle:

Apparently, some fans were trying to jump over the barricades, while others even got on cars just to see their idols. In fact, things became so chaotic that airport officials had to look for another exit for the group to go through. BLACKPINK’s concert at the Mall of Asia is currently ongoing and we certainly hope the crowd there isn’t as crazy as it was last night!

How crazy have you gone in front of your idols? Have you witnessed anything similar to this? Share your stories with us!