LOOK: This Shop Preserves Their Flowers in Glass So They Can Last the Year

Written by Ian Galero

There’s a flower for every occasion. Be it a cheesy moment with someone you love, or a celebration of someone’s successful business, flowers have been the go-to gift.

The beauty of giving flowers to express emotions has lasted since the middle ages. Back then, flowers held powerful symbolism and meaning in what you give. From “sorry” to “I love you”, even “yes” and “no,” there are particular flowers to express what you want to say. However, unlike this evergreen tradition, flowers, sadly, don’t last as long.

As with all things green and growing, flowers tend to wither after some time. Beautiful but fleeting, these colorful plants tend to last no more than just 7 days.

Or so we thought.

Bloomière flower shop creates stunning flower arrangements that not only take your breath away but also do so 365 times a year. Their flowers are expertly preserved in glass domes, meaning these flowers would appear blooming all year round without the need for soil or water!

Bloomière offers multiple collections and styles to cater to every moment. Their Glass Garden collection features flowers encased in glass crystal clear glass boxes, allowing you to see the flower’s beauty from any angle.

Bloomiere Glass Garden SampleBloomière’s Garden Magna flower

Their French Glass Dome collection (and a personal favorite) features breathtaking flowers propped on a sturdy base and encased in a cylindrical glass dome. Elegant and simple, but dripping with class, this gift is the perfect homage to the Beauty and the Beast’s magical rose.

Bloomiere French Dome SampleBloomière’s Lè Belle

Their Boxed Blooms collection features colorful flower arrangements in a small and sophisticated box with an accessible clear top lid if you want to get up close and personal with your favorite flower.

Bloomiere Boxed Blooms sampleBloomière’s Trio Box

From the intricate details to the elegant arrangements, Bloomière has taken the beautiful tradition of flower-giving to the next level. Invoking powerful emotions with graceful touches, you know each flower arrangement is special the moment you see it. And anyone will feel the love love, the moment they receive it.

Bloomière Preserved Flowers
Website: www.bloomiere.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BLOOMIERE/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/bloomiere/

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