LOOK: This “Sea of Clouds” Is Just An Hour Away From Quezon City!

With all the hustle and bustle of the city, sometimes it becomes a need to just escape and get away from it all. But with work, traffic, and budget concerns, it’s not so easy to pack a bag and go to the far ends of the country just like that.

Fortunately, we’ve got hidden wonders around us that aren’t too far from the Metro.

Travel blogger Livi Bautista discovered the beauty of Mt. Binacayan which is located in Rodriguez, Rizal. She describes it as a “sea of clouds” in her viral Facebook post in which she shared her experience of hiking this mountain.

Not only is this minor hike very near Metro Manila, it’s easy on the wallet, too! She shares that their budget for this trek was only less than PHP 400! Since there were 7 of them in the group, the guide’s fixed rate of PHP500 was shared between the 7 of them. But with a bigger group, the budget could get smaller.

The hike is described to have a short pavement path and quite a bit of rock scrambling, but it will only take about an hour and a half to two hours. It’s great for beginners, really.

Though I’m not an outdoors person, Livi’s photos are quite enough to convince me to try this out (even though I’ve sworn off mountain climbing before) because it seems like the breathtaking view is more than worth it.

Check out Livi’s post here on her Facebook page:

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