LOOK: This Photo Of A Construction Worker Inspires People To Persevere For Knowledge

It’s so easy to take things for granted when they are always within your reach. But for those who aren’t as lucky, even the simple things become treasures–like education.

A photo going around on Facebook shows exactly how education is treasured by those who, unfortunately, can’t have it just as easily.

Sarah Grace Regala posted an inspiring photo of a construction worker she saw at a bookstore, reading one of the many books available. Check out the photo below:

construction worker inspiring facebookPhoto from Sarah Grace Regala

While I treat this day as an ordinary Lay-Bored Day, this man is different. This construction worker, reading an interior design book during lunch time, proves that no one can stop you if you really want to learn and perfect your craft. He may not have a college diploma, an impressive CV or a big amount in his bank account, but this man has a heart and hunger to learn. What’s our excuse then?#neverstoplearning #perfectyourcraft #laborday

People admired the man for his hunger for learning despite whatever his current situation he may be in. Tbh, he just proved to be a man of even greater wisdom than most people. His immense desire and perseverance to learn are worth the worldwide recognition.

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This photo is a true reality check for the student who complains about school too much and doesn’t think twice about the privilege of learning.

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