LOOK: This K9 doggo is pretty much us trying to get up on Monday mornings

Monday mornings are a drag. Everyone’s felt the dread that Mondays bring, having to drag ourselves out from our suddenly extra-comfy beds and on to productivity. It becomes easier to convince ourselves that we can just clip our shower time by a few minutes just to have another few minutes in bed.

It is inevitable, however, that we must rise to the occasion eventually and stand up to get ready. While we replay our denial every Monday morning that yes, indeed, it is Monday morning again, nothing will keep it from going on, relentlessly pushing you closer and closer to a panicked 2-minute shower and a string of complaints about yourself not wanting to get up earlier.

Is this doggo our spirit animal (excuse the pun!)? Maybe! The glazed look in the eye, the refusal to stand, the attempt to ignore the person trying to wake him, this sounds just like every Monday morning in the history of man.

Watch the video from Facebook user Bernice Rosario below:


And some more adorable photos of this doggo’s handler’s attempts at getting him to stand!

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Look at that face! I’d give up and just let him sleep.

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Doggo: Don’t touch me, human. I need some snoozes.

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One big same to this tired doggo!

Is this what your Monday looks like? Let us know in the comments!