LOOK: This Drugstore Provides Free Doctor Consultation and BP Monitoring

Oftentimes when Filipinos feel unwell, they don’t go directly to consult with a doctor; more so going into a drugstore to buy medicine, because everything is just too pricey for the average Filipino. The end goal is to feel “ginhawa”: a Filipino term that encompasses comfort, relief or peace of mind. But more often than not, to experience this “ginhawa”, entails having to spend a lot. Fortunately, Generika Drugstore continuously serves its social purpose to provide access to quality and affordable healthcare to Filipino families.

Generika DrugstoreImage: Michelle Leman via Pexels

Ginhawang Generika: Abot-Kaya at Dekalidad na Gamot, Para sa Lahat is just what we need during these times where supply of medicine became scarce. Generika has been able to keep up with the challenging demand for much-needed medicine and supplies. President and CEO of Generika Drugstore, Atty. Josette A. Abarca, shared “We have generic equivalents for those branded medicines and have ample supply for them. If the generic counterpart has gone through the required FDA approval, the difference is just in the brand name. The efficacy is the same since the active ingredients are the same.”

Going beyond medicine, Generika also offers Plus Services such as Libreng Konsulta with Partner Doctors, a service that provides free medical consultations onsite or through the phone, FREE BP Monitoring and scheduled basic diagnostic services with mobile laboratory-partners. With every transaction, customers are also given a Gamot Guide, a printed reminder on the proper intake of the medicine.

For those who are constrained from getting out of their homes, Ginhawang Generika takes on convenience with its Generika Drugstore Mobile App, which can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Customers can also avail of MEDpadala, an electronic gift certificate exclusively used for the purchase of medicines and medical supplies at any Generika Drugstore, in-store and online.

As a member of AC Health, an Ayala company, Generika has a partnership with HealthNow, a healthcare app that allows doctor consultations and ordering of medicines provided by Generika. Together they fulfill the commitment to bring healthcare costs down.

Generika Drugstore

This year, the brand is spicing things up by bringing in TV Host/Actress and Mom Dimples Romana as their new brand ambassador. Generika Drugstore gives value to Dimples’ desire and drive to take care of her family just like how Generika is committed to taking care of its customers and their families. Being the dedicated mom that Dimples is, she will surely encourage more Filipinos to join the cause of Generika: to provide much more than the medical needs that they can offer, but also give customers the proper care and relief that they truly deserve.

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