LOOK: The First-Ever Pinoy-Made Ship Launches!

The Philippines is made out of thousands of islands that’s there are times when we find ourselves traveling by boat from one island to another. Staying true to our roots, the first Filipino-made Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) ship was launched last Saturday. The ship, called the MV Isla Simara, is the first vessel built in the motherland by Filipino shipbuilders. Here’s a fun fact: Its name came from one of Romblon’s islands.

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When it comes to features, it definitely impresses. The ship can seat over 400 passengers and is the first ship in the country that has a modern Automation and Control System that the company can track real-time. It also has a Marine Evacuation System–a slide or escape chute where people on board can evacuate into life rafts.

A week from now, MV Isla Simara is set to sail from Matnog to Northern Samar.

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