LOOK: Students Multitask By Spending Time At Protests Studying

The Hong Kong protests which have taken place over the past two weeks have seen a monumental amount of people take to the streets. Organizers of the June 17 protest estimate that nearly 2 million people participated in the demonstrations, while authorities claim that only around 300,000 people were present. Should the figure be closer to that of the organizers’ 2 million approximate, it would be Hong Kong’s largest protest in history.

(Nearly 2 Million People Take To Hong Kong Streets In Protest)

People around the world are already amazed at the turnout and have been speculating on how a movement gained such massive support in a seemingly short amount of time. A simple guess would be that Hong Kong citizens do just genuinely care about this issue and its implications enough to make a stance. In fact, they’ve shown that they care enough to balance it with other personal priorities — like school.

hong kong protest students

A Reddit thread has been going viral for showing various protestors walking around Hong Kong with their study materials open in front of them. They seem like pro-multitaskers, unphased by the action going on around them and wholly able to focus on their review. Comments on the thread explain that it is currently exam season or close to it in Hong Kong.

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But this is actually not the first time something of this nature happened. Back in 2014 during the Umbrella Revolution of Hong Kong, students even set up designated studying areas in protest camps. These ‘study areas’ were complete with makeshift desks, improvised chairs, and of course, umbrellas. It just goes to show that Asians really are the ultimate multitaskers.

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