LOOK: Solar eclipse shots taken by the Astronomical League of the Philippines

It’s the total eclipse of our hearts.

For the first time in almost 40 years,  a solar eclipse occurred last August 21 USA time. (A total solar eclipse happened in Hawai in 1991 but the last one in the continental USA was in Feb 29, 1979. The next total solar eclipse in the USA will be in April 8, 2024). This happens when the moon to creates a shadow on earth. Social media users around the world tuned in to live stream via television or internet to witness the national phenomenon. The most previous solar eclipse was labeled as the “Eclipse of the Century” or “Great American Eclipse” as reported by CNN Philippines.

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The eclipse occurred at around 1:12 am Manila time.

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Jett Aguilar, a member of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) took it to his Facebook account how he was able to “conduct a successful observation and imaging of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2017” in Eddyville, Kentucky in the US.

He also indicated that he witnessed it with fellow members of the ALP – eclipse team leader Jun Lao, Renan Acosta and Eric Africa.

Aguilar shares to WHEN IN MANILA that it is called the Great American Eclipse because “this is the first total solar eclipse that is visible only in the USA and no other country.” He also adds that this is the first total solar eclipse “visible only in the USA since its founding in 1776.”

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Aguilar plans to return to the US for the next total solar eclipse in 2024.

“It is really an unforgettable and almost religious experience to witness with your own eyes,” he excitedly shares. “Some even cried in our group!”

“Watching it live is an overwhelming and unforgettable experience. The videos and images could not replicate the actual experience because you can even feel the temperature change and the view of the corona cannot be duplicated by any camera,” Aguilar finishes.

Aren’t the photos beautiful?

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