LOOK: Remember When Binay Had His Own Comic Book?

Mar Comics

Photo from: Newsgraph Facebook Page

At present, going viral on social media is presidential candidate Mar Roxas’ comic book entitled “Sa Gitna ng Unos.”

From the first looks of it, the comic book seems to be tackling the tale of typhoon Yolanda where Roxas appears as the hero. However, the comic book is getting a lot of criticisms because people claim it to be twisting facts. Ironically though, printed on the cover is the statement “batay sa tunay na pangyayari” (Rough translation: based on true events).

According to reports, the comic book was distributed during the recent Liberal Party (LP) sortie in Cavite.

On the other hand, do you remember┬áVice President Jejomar Binay, who was Makati City mayor back then, having a┬ácomic book entitled “The Jojo Binay Story?”

Binay Comics (1)

Apparently, his was launched in 2009.

Binay’s comic book was said to be distributed in a meeting way back in 2009. The 34-page comic book reportedly details the life story of Binay.

Here are some photos of Binay’s comic book.┬á(All Binay comic book photos are from┬ámpgonz.blogspot.com)

Binay Comics (3) Binay Comics (2) Binay Comics (4)

Looking back, Binay assumed vice presidency in June of 2010. If copies of this comic book were distributed in 2009, it may have been during the campaign period. However, we cannot fully say that this material contributed in Binay winning. The same goes for Roxas.

What we can say is we encourage everyone to be meticulous with the candidates. Read and research about them to see what they did in the past and what they can really do in leading our country. Vote wisely.

What are your tips for the upcoming presidential elections in May?

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