LOOK: People’s Portraits transformed into Beautiful Paintings for COVID-19 relief

Written by Jhanine Caoile

Since 2007, photography and videography team Project Headshot Clinic has been using social media platforms to share profile photos to campaign various causes such as HIV/AIDS, and PRIDE.

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When COVID-19 hit the Philippines this 2020, Project Headshot Clinic responded to the call to help. Despite the limited resources, the imposed restrictions, and the imminent threats, the team was able to pull off their first-ever no-shoot campaign, #OneWorld2020, on Earth Day last April 22.

Instead of holding a physical photoshoot as per usual, the participants were asked to send in an existing photograph which had to follow a list of requirements. The team then edited the participants’ photos together with Pat Abella’s paintings.

[See more of Pat Abella’s remarkable pieces here: https://www.patabella.com]

As a self-taught artist, Pat Abella enjoys working on women’s portraits using watercolor and graphite and even incorporates flora and fauna in them. The Filipino painter generously lent the team some of his beautiful pieces for the benefit of this campaign. Just in time with Earth Day, images depicting nature were also chosen to be added into the portraits. 

Using this platform allowed the team to raise more than P300,000 during the first leg of #OneWorld2020. And, due to public demand after the launch, a second leg of the campaign was held, raising up to P200,000.
These funds were allotted to donate personal protective equipment (PPEs) to hospitals around the country, and even support the following institutions that were affected by the pandemic: Artists Welfare Project, Lingap Maralita, and Teach Peace Build Peace Movement.

With 200 people chosen for the project, #OneWorld2020 had participants coming from Canada, the U.S., Europe, and various parts of AsiaDespite varying beliefs, genders, and cultures, #OneWorld2020 inspires netizens all over the world to reach for a common goal, which is to come together.  

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Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, Filipino actress and Covid-19 survivor Iza Calzado, and other famous personalities participated in the #OneWorld2020 campaign.

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Renowned designers, Francis Libiran, RajoLaurel, and Ferdi Salvador, joined as well

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has drastically changed our lives, leaving most of us thinking that things will never turn back to the way it was. In times like these, positivity, hope, and inspiration are just some things we need in order to uplift our spirits, and this photo project did just that!

COVID-19 may have temporarily brought people physically apart; however, campaigns like #OneWorld2020 will continue to serve as a bridge and unite humanity as one.

The headshots may be viewed through various social media platforms via the hashtag #OneWorld2020 and through Project Headshot Clinic’s Facebook and Instagram.

@patabella @niccolocosme @oneworld2020 @projectheadshotclinic

Niccolo Cosme, Project Headshot Clinic CEO and Creative Director

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