LOOK: Original Floor Plans And Aerial Perspective Of Old MIAA

The Philippines at the turn of the 20th century was an interesting time, especially for architecture — we love to marvel at the beauty of old throwback photos of Manila and the rest of the country, still unmarred by neglect, as it shows us the side of the Philippines in its pristine glamor, still finding its identity in the midst of modernization and colonial influences.

As such, architectural structures and plans play such a landmark role in helping the Pinoys of today identify their roots and certain parts of history that have helped shape the national identity of its time — many of them constructed by some of the country’s greatest architectural minds. It’s sad then that several of these archived works are dilapidated and poorly maintained, without leaving much left for the country’s architectural heritage.

Mr. Paulo Alcazaren, Former President of the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects, posted these photos of the floor plans and aerial perspective of the original Manila International Airport Terminal!

Designed by Architect Federico Ilustre of the Bureau of Public Works, these images not only capture the old-class elegance of the airport at the time, but are also an important part of the country’s architectural heritage.

MIAA old plans

Check them out below:

MIAA old photo

MIAA original floor plan

MIAA original floor plan 2

Thoughts on this? Do you agree that we should have a National Museum for Architecture and Design?