LOOK: Netizen Stops Laglag Bala Modus in Hilarious Way

LOOK Netizen Stops Laglag Bala Modus in Hilarious Way

The Laglag Bala modus in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is out of control. Victims are coming out left and right to report cases of airport personnel planting bullets in their bags to be extorted for money. International media has covered it, government officials have demanded explanations, and even the church has released a statement about it.

So many people have advised Filipinos and foreigners alike on how to protect themselves from this devious scheme, but one netizen may have found an effective way to stop it. And it is hilarious.

Julian Lance decided to go the extra mile and pasted a photo of notorious Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte on his bag, with the caption, “Ipapakain ko sa inyo iyang bala” (“I’ll make you eat that bullet”).

Duterte has attracted controversy on this modus, saying “Kapag ako maging presidente, ipalulunok ko talaga ang bala, ang naninigarilyo nga pinakain ko ang sigarilyo, ang nagdala ng pekeng dokumento pinakain ko” (If I become president, I’ll make them eat the bullet. I made a smoker eat his cigarette and I made someone who brought fake documents eat it.)

According to Julian Lance, “Ewan ko lang kung may magtangka pang maglagay ng bala sa luggage ko!” (I don’t know if anyone will still attempt to put a bullet in my bag!)

He landed in Tacloban without any bullets planted.

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