LOOK: Need For Speed Is Releasing A New Game This November!

Our favorite and probably one of the most iconic racing games ever is back at it again.

Although they are a little late from their annual releases for their ever expanding franchise, last Friday, Need For Speed announced that they will be releasing their next game Need For Speed Payback on November 10, 2017.

While the familiar elements that we love like the intense heist mission, high stake car battle, and epic car pursuits will always be embedded in the game, the developers promised a deeper customization of the cars and the availability of off-road racing.

Since there is no one car that can handle all the intense action, the developers mentioned that there will be five car classes available in the game: Race, Off-Road, Drift, Drag and Runner, which is sort of like a stealth car that specializes on evading the police.

They have already released a teaser trailer. Watch it below and get more excited with the fast and furious vibe that the game gives off.

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