LOOK: Narra trees removed in Commonwealth to pave way for MRT 7 Project

Someone’s gotta take one for the team.

In line with the construction of the MRT 7, lots of trees had to be cut down along the roads to build the stations & rails that will hover over the cars in the metro. One of them include these narra trees in Commonwealth Avenue.

A before and after photo collage posted by Facebook user Fredd Ochavo, he took unto social media how he was sad at the sight of fewer greens on the road – he was particular about the “killed” or “evicted” trees.

He captions:

This is a tribute post for all the flowering Narra trees (our National Tree) that were either killed or evicted from Commonwealth Avenue. This is the last time that they showed their flowers to the motorists, commuters and pedestrians of East Fairview. Thank you for cleaning the air that we breathe and for keeping Fairview cooler than other parts of QC. Thank you for sacrificing your lives for our MRT 7.”

The photos were taken 35 days apart.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Fredd for further details. He clarifies that he is not against the construction of the MRT.

Let me just clarify that I am not against the construction of the MRT, but I do want to know where the 600+ trees will be relocated, para makatulong tayo (so we can help) in trying to lower the mortality of the trees that will be earthballed. 50/50 na lang kasi ang chance nila pag binunot sa lupa (the trees only have 50/50 percent chances of living when they are uprooted).and also the planting site for the new trees,

[I also want to know] the planting site for the new trees, sana malaman din natin (we hope to find that out too) so people can volunteer in future tree planting and tree nurturing activities there. Seedlings need at least 2 years of TLC (which stands for tender loving care) para mabuhay sila at maging malaking puno (so they can be strong and grow to be big trees).”

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own these photos. Photo credits go to Fredd Ochabo. You may view the original post here.