LOOK: Melissa Ricks Embraces Her Body Changes

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Melissa Ricks loves her body and isn’t afraid to announce it to the world.

Following a netizen who made remarks on her weight gain, Ricks shared a new photo and a caption proudly embracing her body changes.

She said, “You. Are. Beautiful. No. Matter. What. They. Say.”

Ricks then ticked off a checklist, with the items, “extra weight, bilbil, stretch marks, freckles, wrinkles, and cellulite.”

The story began when she was editing the photo she was about the post. She said, “Then all of a sudden I decided to not edit it at all. Not even a filter. Just as I am. As raw as it can be. This is ME! Its okay not to be perfect. Each and every flaw makes you who u are. Each scar, stretchmark, wrinkle, is part of your story. Part of what has molder you to who you are today. YOU are SPECIAL.😍 Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise.❤️ It’s okay to be you, do you… Remember everyone is fighting their own battle. BE KIND.🤗🙏❤️”

Ricks went on to say that she is proud of who she is. “I have become a Braver, Stonger, And hopefully a smarter version of myself, of course, couldn’t have done it without God by my side.”

She ended her caption with, “Kill them with kindness.”

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