LOOK: Kris Aquino Taking A Dip In A Pool While Wearing A Designer Gown Is Next Level Extra

We all know that Kris Aquino, the Queen of All Media, can do a lot of things that only she can do–and have the guts to do. It goes from sharing her son’s grades on social media, to renting a presidential suite in one of the top hotels in Manila for a movie audition.

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We’ve all been witnesses of her extra-ness with the help of social media, and now she has proved yet again that there are things in life that can be acceptable when she does it–just like the impromptu photo shoot she did in a pool, where she was wearing a designer gown. Inside a pool.

Here’s how it went down.


It started with this #OOTD photo she posted for the wedding of Cong. Alfred Vargas. The beautiful gown was designed by young Pinoy fashion designer Michael Leyva.

With a stunning outfit like that, it would be a sham if something were to happen to it.



But then here she is posing with her managing director as they sit by a pool. And yes, that is the train of her gown soaking wet in the pool like it was just a pair of jeans.


And what happened next? Just Kris Aquino going for a swim in her designer gown.

She literally just went into the pool while wearing a full-on evening gown. Because it got wet. Probably from the previous photo.

She even adds that they decided to do a “mini photo shoot w/ a cute lifeguard ready to rescue” her.

Honestly, how to be you, Tita Kris?

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