LOOK: Katy Perry’s Witness Tour in Manila Was Full of Surprises

Katy Perry’s Witness: The Tour concert held last April 2, 2018 at the Mall of Asia Arena was vibrant, spectacular, and out of this world! It felt like we were brought to a different dimension.

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Katy’s eye was flashed on screen like she was keeping on eye on us.

Before the event started, Katy’s eye was shown on the eye-shaped screen, watching us as we waited for the start of the show. It also marked the beginning of the much-awaited concert. Smoke special effect coming from the stage heightened the excitement even more. All eyes were focused on screen when…surprise! Katy suddenly rose from the circular end of the stage. She was full of energy as she performed “Witness.” She also sang “Roulette,” “Dark Horse,” and “Chained to the Rhythm.”



A special guest from the Pacific Ocean visited the arena that night. Left Shark, who was with Katy during the popstar’s Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show, never failed to give us entertainment and was humorous.

Add Katy’s wit and their tandem was a blast!


In one of Perry’s previous concerts in the country, she kissed Ivan Dorschner, a Filipino celebrity. No guy (or girl?) got a kiss this time, but someone still got lucky enough to get on stage with the pop star.

Katy searched for a Tagalog-speaking coach in her audience and asked a Katycat named Josh to be with her on stage. Josh, a graduating College student, was wearing his graduation toga which caught her attention. When Josh went on stage, the two were seen running in slow motion towards each other and hugged each other tightly. Katy asked Josh to teach her Tagalog words for “It’s great to be here,” “I love my KatyCats,” and “selfie” while they were sitting on the floor. Lucky Josh got selfies with Katy while hugging her! Before sending him off stage, the popstar said “Give Josh a round of applause!” Josh surely received the most beautiful graduation gift ever!


The concert was absolutely full of surprises. Katy’s childhood pictures and amazing visuals were flashed on the eye-shaped screen. The huge and colorful props like giant aliens, giant roses and pink flamingo puppets, plus Katy’s look and her dancers’ outfits made the show visually entertaining.



Katy wore fabulous costumes and was also seen wearing a LED bra with words like “Hot” and “Cold” flashing on it. Pretty cool, right?  She also did a split, sang a few lines of “All by Myself” and played a pink guitar. We also witnessed the popstar lying on the floor and eager to learn Tagalog words. I felt her sincere appreciation for her band when she introduced them. She was also very vocal about her love to her Filipino fans as she expressed “Mahal kita” many times.



I was so glad that I finally heard her live performance of “Roar”. She showcased her vocal prowess through singing “Firework” while standing on a huge hand. Indoor fireworks brightened the stage. She again screamed “I love you, Manila!” and left everyone happy. It was definitely a night to remember.


Some Filipino fans, including celebrities, who attended the concert wore their best “Katy Perry” costumes.


We are looking forward to your next irresistible concert, Katy Perry! We love you, too! Thank you so much for a night your Filipino fans would treasure for life!