LOOK: Is Chivalry Dead? Mother And Son Sit On Floor Of Jeepney

When In Manila, it’s no secret that commuting around is HELL, especially with the recent downpours that have made it even harder to get home. And so, different kinds of people– man, woman, big or small, young or old with a kid in tow– struggle through hell and high water (literally!) just to catch a ride.

A netizen, Lyzadel Benedicto, posted this photo on her Facebook page of a mother and son sitting on the floor in the middle of a jeepney, obviously overloading more than the jeepney can accommodate, but desperate times call for desperate measures after all!

is chivalry dead?

The photo clearly shows a mother with her young son holding tight onto the rail of the jeepney, as men sitting on the seat of the jeepney simply looked onward.

She captioned the photo with:

Chivalry is dead. This just happened a while ago. Look at the mother and her son na nakasabit sa jeep.

What do you think, is chivalry really dead? This is definitely not a safe way to ride the jeepney especially with a young child in tow, so should the men have given up their seat? On the other hand, aren’t the men just as entitled to get a (relatively) comfortable ride home as the woman and child, especially after a long day from work, and they happened to get on the jeep first?

What do you think of this photo: is chivalry really dead? Let us know in the comments.