LOOK: If Japan has a Cat Island, We Have a Dogs Mountain With Over 200 Dogs

Established in 2006 by a British artist, Dogs Mountain in La Union is one of probably one of just a handful–or less than a handful–of sanctuaries for local dogs who have nowhere else to go. It provides a home for over 200 dogs rescued from the meat trade, dog pounds, and the streets. Run by volunteers, it is a special place where traumatized pups can run free and look forward to a forever home.


Golden dogs! They have been with Dogs Mountain for 10 years. Each one has a special story.

Its mission is simple: to bring awareness of the dog meat trade happening here to a wider audience; inspire and lead by example on how to help and care for all animals, while enjoying the positive feel-good energy from being able to save lives.

Unfortunately, funds are running out and the volunteers of Dogs Mountain are worried sick about being able to continue to provide food and shelter to the animals in their care.

Check out the appeal of the volunteers.

We terribly need help… Please donate even small amounts for these dogs who went through very painful experiences so that they can continue to enjoy safety, refuge, and sense of belonging and being loved that they now have in this sanctuary… Thank you and bless you all abundantly!


Waiting for lunch

Those who wish to help can also donate in-kind. Dogs Mountain needs 100 kilos of dog food for 200+ dogs and food for 20 cats every day, or 50 kilos of rice mixed with vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, and malunggay. The animals need food bowls, deworming tablets, multivitamins especially for those recovering from medical treatment, LIV 52 for the liver, Nefrotec for the kidneys, DETICK SPOT ON, dishwashing liquid, anti-mange shampoos or soaps, anti-tick and flea shampoo, cleaning materials, and food for caretakers, among others.

You may donate via the following methods:

Paypal account: sebusa.hughes@gmail.com
BDO account: 008610101709
BDO name: Shirly Sebusa

To send through Cebuana, please contact Dogs Mountain and send a message so they can give the details.

A few volunteers are scheduled to go to Dogs Mountain on November 1 and 2 to bring donations. You may wish to hand over your donations to them. Please contact Desiree Carlos or Maricel Mondejar.

You may also wish to visit the sanctuary yourself. Here is the address:

Dogs Mountain Sanctuary Road, Bisang Lioc Sur,
Naguillian, La Union, Phillippines 2511
Telephone : +639157942606

The dogs of Dogs Mountain went through terrible experiences. Isn’t it wonderful they are safe and happy now? Let’s keep it that way. Don’t you agree?


Her name is Liberty and she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. She is home.

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