LOOK: Here’s a Place to go to for Sunday Family Lunch

It’s reassuring that in the age of fast food and instant-everything, you usually have Sunday lunch with the entire family to look forward to.

The flurry of activity that you wake up to on weekends is a sign of an exciting day ahead spent with friends and loved ones over great, home-cooked fares. Fresh, gastronomic delights are prepared lovingly and served with pride.  Each plate—whether it’s a family favorite or a brand new recipe—brings a nice, heart-warming feeling, drawn from the passion and love that went into making it.

Sometimes, however, life happens—deadlines loom, work gets in the way, circumstances prevent everyone from coming together, and family members get too busy to cook and gather for a hearty meal. This is where Katherine’s Café comes in.

From the cozy dining room to the gracious staff, to the enticing menu that’s reminiscent of your classic family favorites, Katherine’s Café is anchored on the idea that great food should always be shared with family and friends



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