LOOK: Help this Girl Find the Mystery #TinidorGuy from Ed Sheeran’s Manila Show!

Facebook user named “Isabelle Mikaela S. Yu” posted on the SHEERIO Philippines (Filipino fans of Ed Sheeran) Facebook group asking for help. For what? To help find “tinidor guy” who, apparently,¬†picked her friend’s fork up during Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour concert at Mall Of Asia Concert Grounds.

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04IMG 20180411 151738Screenshot posted with permission from Isabelle Yu

Her friend narrated what happened that night in this thread.

04IMG 20180411 152225

04IMG 20180411 153457

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04IMG 20180411 161525

04IMG 20180411 162009 071 1 Screenshots posted with permission. Minor edits were made to protect the names of the Facebook users in this photo.

After reading the thread, I felt happy for this girl that she was able to watch Ed Sheeran’s concert and have an awesome night with her new friend. Thanks to the guy who made it more memorable!

Do you think this girl will be able to know the name of #TinidorGuy? On the other hand, do you have any idea who this guy is? Help her in #FindingTinidorGuy! Comment below for leads!