LOOK: Hard-Working Taxi Driver with Amputated Leg Needs Help

In Manila, it’s so easy to feel skeptic towards commuting. We’ve learned to operate like robots, mostly for our own security. But not all people we encounter in our commutes are out to get us. Most of them are just like us, living life the best they can, trying to get by. Such as this story shared by Facebook user Rhys Buccat when he met an unlikely taxi driver one morning on the way to work. It’s quite a read, so I’ll leave you here now and let you read Rhys’ story for yourself.

Here is Rhys’ post:

LOOK: Hard-Working Taxi Driver with Amputated Leg Needs Help

Facebook: Rhys Buccat

I meet one taxi driver everyday, on my daily commute to work. Most of them are crassly opinionated, ill-tempered. But there are a few who are honest, patient, and sensible.

Today, I met the most dedicated one. His name is Manny Suarez, a native of Cagayan de Oro City.

Two years ago, the 61-year-old taxi driver accidentally stepped on a rusty nail. Believing it was just a minor cut, Kuya Manny just ignored the pain and continued with his daily grind.

This, until the pain became unbearable; the infection worsened.

When he went to the hospital, the doctor said they have no other choice but to amputate his left leg. That’s when he found out he has diabetes.

His world turned upside down, but life must go on. He has four children to support and some grandchildren to feed.

“Wala naman tayong magagawa. Sinong magpapakain sa amin? Kailangan ko pa ring kumayod kahit mahirap,” he said.

To continue driving, Kuya Manny has to wear an artificial leg. This helps him stay balanced. But the antiquated prosthetic leg is scratching the remaining portion of his limb.

According to the doctor, these scratches may get infected too.

Kuya Manny’s determination to work and love for family is really admirable. Despite having to literally stand on one foot, he continues life like he is perfectly normal.

“Baka po may alam kayong puwedeng tumulong sa akin na makakuha uli ng prosthetic leg. ‘Yon lang po ang matagal nang hiling ko,” he said after handing me the exact change.

“Ayoko na pong maputulan ulit. Ako nalang po ang inaasahan ng pamilya ko.”

Perhaps you know someone who could help Kuya Manny get a new artificial leg. If you don’t, please share this post until it reaches a kind heart.

What do you think of this story? And know someone who can help Kuya Manny? Let us know!