Look good, feel good and do good with Bobble



I just have one question: Wanna look good, feel good while doing good?



Who doesn’t, right?



When in Manila, help the environment while making yourself feel better and look better with bobble™.








Bobble™ is one of the latest wellness trends today, especially when it comes to exercise and diet. And as we all know, with the course of trends today there is a must for innovations to take into consideration every aspect of our well-being without sacrificing one’s style and looks. And bobble™ simply has this all!




Combining elegance with health-giving benefits, bobble™ is a chic, reusable drinking bottle, designed by renowned industrial artist Karim Rashid. Bobble™’s iconic shape and curvy form makes it easier to carry around during workout sessions, while on a run or out socializing.













Apart from its sleek form bobble™ also has its eco-friendly features. It has a unique, replaceable and recyclable carbon filter that purifies potable water even further by eliminating chlorine and organic contaminants for a fresher and cleaner drinking water. PLUS PLUS the bobble™ is designed with a 1:300 ratio, meaning 1 bobble™ filter is equivalent to 300 single-used plastic bottles. Isn’t that neat?











Bobble™ comes in six colors to personally suit your style (green, red, black, yellow, magenta, and blue) and is priced at Php 595.00 per 550-ml container and filters at Php 345.00 each.



Take part in doing your share for a healthier environment while working on a healthier you. Don’t pass on this opportunity. When in Manila; look good, feel good and do good with bobble™.








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Look good, feel good and do good with Bobble™