LOOK: Glaiza De Castro Totally Fangirled Over G-Dragon In South Korea

K-Pop is slowly taking over the world, and K-Pop idols are taking over our hearts one by one–and that includes our local celebrities.

Actress Glaiza de Castro just shared her K-Pop-fangirling heart with the world, proving how much of a fangirl she is like all of us.

In a Facebook post, she went all out in describing the experience of watching K-Pop idol G-Dragon live in concert during her vacation South Korea. She did not mince her words in her post, and honestly, we totally understand.

Check out her fangirling moment:

Glaiza went for a week-long vacation in South Korea and, of course, made the time to watch G-Dragon’s solo concert.

The Kapuso star shares the details of how she got her tickets to the concert, plus access to GD’s rehearsal. Then she went full-on fangirl mode before, during, and after the concert.

While she shares that she, unfortunately, didn’t get a photo with her idol, at least she came home happy–that was what mattered.

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The way Glaiza talks about her experience speaks a whole lot about how much she loves the K-Pop idol. It was complete with all caps and quite a number of exclamation points.

Honestly, who can blame her? We’ve all had our share of fangirling moments, and Glaiza’s just one of us.

Do you have fangirling moments of your own? Share it with us!

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