LOOK: Gisele Bundchen Becomes First Cover Model to Pose Makeup-Free for Vogue Italia

Wearing a sweatshirt, Gisele Bundchen makes her way into the cover of Vogue Italia’s February issue. Aside from her not-so-typical choice of clothing, the most noteworthy thing of all is that the Brazilian supermodel isn’t wearing any makeup, making her the first cover model to pose makeup-free for the fashion magazine.

Bundchen without makeup isn’t exactly a new thing, but her wearing sweats is. In the February issue of the magazine, it is said that the 37-year-old supermodel will open the doors of her Boston home for readers to see.

Another first for the magazine is that Bundchen styled herself without the help of a stylist! You can check her photo and the behind-the-scenes clip of the photoshoot below:

To anyone who wants to see the private life of Gisele Bundchen, including her American football quarterback husband Tom Brady and kids, the Vogue Italia February issue is expected to be available on newsstands on the 6th of the month.

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