LOOK: Fifth Harmony Conquered Filipino Hearts for the Second Time Around

As they say “there’s no first without second”. In less than a year after their debut concert in Manila, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Normani Kordei returned for the second time as part of their PSA tour. The emotion of harmonizers even before seeing the American girl band was notorious.

It was around 8:30 pm when the lights turned off as the tour spectacle kicked off at KIA Theater. Dressed in a black ensemble, Fifth Harmony stepped out onstage to interpret, “Worth It”, the song which launched them to fame.

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The quadruplet danced and sang nonstop song after song which further heightened the cheer of the young crowd. The group’s energy passed on to the thousands of attendees as they danced to their hit songs like “Sauced Up”, “Reflection”, and “Lonely Night”. In between shouts and laughters, everyone stood up, took photos, chanted, and danced along the R&B girl band. It was clear: everyone enjoyed the  show.

There was a guitar break after half-hour. But in just a few minutes, the members of Fifth Harmony were back with more danceable songs. The fans were thrilled every time the members uttered “mahal kita”. Dinah Jane thanked the crowd for their support.


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Few seconds later, the ambiance turned nostalgic when Lauren tuned in “No Way”. But the urge to dance came back when the foursome showed their known dancing moves as they sang “Down”, their lead single from their self-titled studio album, “Fifth Harmony”.

The Fifth Harmony members, without a doubt, conquered the hearts of the audience with their Tagalog greeting and talent. Nevertheless, the issue with the sound system from time to time distracted the festive moment. The short duration of the show also left some hanging.


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The concert came to an end with one of their most famous songs, ” Work from Home”. This was supposed to be their last song but fans cried out for more. And in less than five minutes, the girl group came back singing “Bridges” with which they bid goodbye. Holding a Philippine flag, they left the stage completely while the audience still continue screaming with both joy and despair that it was over.

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