LOOK: Ebe Dancel’s New MV “Huling Unang Sayaw” That Celebrates Love Is so Beautiful, It Hurts

OPM icon Ebe Dancel welcomed 2022 with a showcase of talent, creativity, and love in the form of a music video for his latest song, ‘Huling Unang Sayaw.’  The video premiered via Facebook Live this January.

Ebe’s third single under Widescope Entertainment, ‘Huling Unang Sayaw’ talks about a promise of love eternal seen specifically between a newly-married couple during their first dance. This message is imparted in the music video through the thoughtful movement of a bride dancing alone, portrayed by renowned dancer Mia Cabalfin.

Ebe Dancel Unang Huling Sayaw

“The concept of the music video is pretty straightforward. I just really wanted to see someone dancing,” Dancel says. “I’ve known Mia for about two decades now, and I’m just happy I finally got to work with her. She’s a fantastic dancer. I’m so happy she agreed to do it; she was my only choice.” 

“Ebe was very specific when he asked me to be part of this project. He said his concept for the video was to have me dance a wedding couple’s first dance, but alone. So I did my research and choreographed a dance sequence, the whole time imagining that I was dancing it with a partner,” shares Cabalfin.

Under the direction of Simon Te, the music video is shot with no frills or fanfare. It does, however, give special attention to detail seen in every frame.

“We wanted to capture the intimate moment of the first dance,” Te explains. What people see during weddings is two people swaying on a dancefloor but I wanted to explore and show was what goes on in the millimeters of space between the bride and her partner, as told from her perspective.”

Also part of the team behind the music video is Summer Puertollano (art direction), Anjo dela Cruz (cinematograpy) and Siegle Bolasco (hair and makeup). The video was shot in La Union, featuring a pebble beach in Luna and boutique hotel Dalum Kubo in San Fernando.

“I think this was one of the easiest videos I’ve ever been part of,” Dancel furthers. “It was a small team, but all of us are friends so doing the music video was fun and very chill.”

“We built out the crew while we were already in La Union. It was not news to me that LU was a very creatively capable city,” Te adds. “I had no doubts in shooting the project there. I’d say shooting this was a testament to how bringing the right people together can lead to the amazing. Everyone just understood the vision and saw it for what they felt for it.”

Watch the moving music video here:

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