LOOK: Asians Prove How Extra Expressive They Are on Twitter

No one should dare tell us that we aren’t expressive, because, we, Asians, can be really extra when we want to. Happy, sad, surprised, amazed, or scared? We can show you how to be real-life emoticons!

See it with your own eyes. Look at some of our favorites from our fellow Asians on Twitter:


Us, when we first got told we aren’t expressive.


This girl is us, too. Go show them what you got!


Solo or in groups, we definitely know how to express ourselves, okay?

Again, who’s saying Asians aren’t expressive? Twitter user Kat Cho has been expressing herself since she was a baby. How adorable!

Think what you like. There’s no doubt that we are very expressive.


Do we need to say more? If you need more proof how Asians roll, check out Kris Aquino in the upcoming film adaptation of “Crazy Rich Asians.”

For more of these extra expressive tweets, go check out the #ExpressiveAsians hashtag on Twitter!

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