LOOK: 4 Bar Topnotchers From University of San Carlos Receives ‘Gift Of Education’

The results of last year’s Philippine Bar Examinations have been released a few days ago. A total of 3,747 out of 6,344 examinees succeeded with the passing rate of 59.06%.

Karen Mae Calam, a graduate of the University of San Carlos, topped the exams. Fiona Cristy Lao, Anne Margaret Momongan, and Jefferson Gomez, graduates of the same university, also made it to the list of topnotchers. It is definitely a successful year for the university.

university of san carlos

(Photo from University of San Carlos)

Unlike other institutions who give expensive cars or tuition fee refunds to their alumni who topped the bar exams, the university would like to commend and celebrate the feat in a different way. According to its administration, the four successful bar passers will be granted a “Gift of Education” or a lifetime scholarship. The recipients will be able to nominate a scholar who may choose any course in the university. Once the scholar completes his/her chosen degree, the recipient can choose another scholar again and the cycle continues.

According to the university’s officials, they prefer offering scholarship grants in order to highlight the importance of education.

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