LOOK: 10 Nostalgic Social Media Trends We’ve Outgrown!

Remember all those things you’ve done way back that will actually make you cringe and question the 2010 you? Yup, let’s reminisce for a moment as we look back at 10 social media trends we’ve fortunately and finally outgrown!

Please don’t take us the wrong way. We don’t want these trends back, it’s just nostalgic to think how far we’ve become. Or have we?

10. Sending “testi” on Friendster

Aside from posting testi with the usual “She’s understanding, makulit and masarap kasama”, we also blatantly ask for testis too! Can you just imagine asking friends to post on your Facebook feed now? NO FREAKING WAY, right?

(Photo courtesy of ayettegonzales.blogspot.com)

9. Adding text on photos

For some reason, we seem to really enjoy adding text on most of our photos way back. Nick names, email addresses and favorite numbers, you name it and we sure have at least one photo with those nasty fonts we thought were cool.

8. Nasty email addresses

I do confess having a lyza_maldita@yahoo.com email address. I’m not even maldita to begin with and I’m still clueless as to why 12-year-old me thought it was a good idea.

From LilEmo to BlackPrincesz09, I’m sure most of you guys have your fair share of TOTALLY embarrassing email addresses.

7. Weird Friendster layouts

From flashy texts, automatic MP3 player up to really cluttered themes, we actually used to spend so much time making our Friendster profiles look good. Aren’t you just thankful that Facebook doesn’t have that option?

(Photo courtesy of happyeiyengjell.wordpress.com)

6. Uploading selfies in an album

While we still enjoy taking random selfies every now and then, luckily, we no longer have this one album named “Me <3” filled with our faces in different angles.

5. White Borders on Instagram

Remember when Instagram used to only accept square photos? Geez. We either make do with cropped photos or have this other app for those white borders in order to upload our non-square snaps. Forget about having a curated feed back then, we can’t even upload a full body picture in peace!

4. Facebook Games

Ahhhh, I can still picture my little farm on Farmville and how I almost always request for more energy for Tetris. Thankfully, we no longer bother our friends with game invites and such regardless of how addicted we are to EverWing.

3. Instagramming everything

Nope, we don’t let anything pass when it comes to posting on Instagram – not even that cup of coffee and piece of cupcake. In short, back in the days, every single thing is Instagram-worthy.

2. Filters + hashtags

On top of uploading every single dish, we make sure to pick horrible filters to make things more visually-appealing. I mean, who can blame us? Those fries were obviously begging for the Mayfair filter. #fries #Sunday #yummy #food #igersmnl #foodporn #fotd

1. Facebook status for every thought

Back when Twitter and Instagram Stories weren’t here yet, we used to post every thought and move as Facebook status. Some even go as far as posting pictures of their wounds and fresh from the break-up faces with matching tears to communicate how sad they are.

Are you guilty of doing any of these social media trends? We sure missed a lot more. We haven’t even talked about posting an #OOTD every single day yet so make sure to share your thoughts and reactions in the comments!

Which among the following social media trends are you guilty of doing?

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