London Chef Travels to the Philippines, Gets Inspired to Make ‘The Filipino Adobo Burger’


Photo from Londonist

I don’t know about you but from the looks of it, that is one tasty burger.

London executive chef Richard Turner traveled to our tropical country for a gustatory journey and to become familiar with Filipino flavors. According to a post from Londonist, he explored the country’s capital, Manila, and the neighboring city of Tagaytay.

He even cooked some of our local dishes – adobo and sisig.

From his culinary exploration in the Philippines, he became inspired to concoct a burger that gives London a taste of the Philippines. At first, his options were either to have sisig as topping or adobo. He went ahead with adobo. Hence, “The Filipino Adobo Burger” is born.

The burger has a “grilled pork patty  with melted buffalo mozzarella and a sweet and spicy banana ketchup.” As a topping to it, the chef puts adobo with a personal twist.

Not sure what the twist is but hopefully it brings our adobo a notch higher.

The patty and topping lays comfortably inside a brioche bun.

The burger is served with pork chicharrones with a coconut dipping vinegar.

Watch Chef Richard talk about the Filipino Adobo Burger.

For a limited time only, until October 13, The Filipino Adobo Burger will be available at Hawksmoor Seven Dials and the Spitalfields Bar.

Now, if only we can get a bite of it.

Also, if only it came with rice rather than a bun. LOL.

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