LOL: Previous UPCAT Takers Recall Their Funny UPCAT Experiences

Words by Sophia Teaño
Graphics by Salie Agustin (IG: @rya_creates)

Once the -ber months roll in, the Christmas season isn’t the only thing taking the limelight for senior high students. Since the implementation of the calendar shift, these months now also mean that entrance exams are occurring left and right. Entrance exams evoke feelings of all sorts—there’s excitement, there’s anxiety, and even a little bit of impatience. The entrance exam season is an indication of a step towards another defining chapter—our college life.

The University of the Philippines Admission Test is one of the most anticipated entrance exams that students prepare for. And although it’s something taken seriously, some experienced mishaps along the way. From the forces of nature to spiritual factors, 8 people share their humorous UPCAT memories.


8. The Higad Hater

“Habang nasa pila ako, dinapuan ako ng higad. Allergic pala ako sa higad! So imagine, pantal-pantal ako during the exam kahit nag-meds na ‘ko.”

The exam must’ve felt like a tingly sensation!

7. The Spiderman

“I was seated beside the windows and nakabukas ‘yong mga bintana. Diyos ko po muntikan na lumipad ‘yong test paper ko kasi mahangin. I was holding on for my dear life and then natakot din ako kasi grabe, I was under a spider web and may malaking tarantula above me.”

Wish the spider could’ve given you superpowers to go through the exam!

6. The Early Bird

“Sabi ng mom ko na super traffic daw ‘yong oval kapag UPCAT so super early namin pumunta. 3 AM nasa AS parking lot na ako.”

Hope you caught the worm!

5. The Growler

“Back in the day, I was so ready for the exams but I forgot to eat. While everyone was quietly taking the exam, tumunog ‘yong tiyan ko nang sobrang lakas. Mga three times.”

Well, third time’s the charm, they say…

4. The Marathon Runner

“Natulugan ko ‘yong exam nung Math part. I remember, puyat ako kaka-Temple Run.”

That must’ve been one exhausting run.

3. The Field Tripper

“’Yong baon ko parang magfi-field trip. Pagkatingin ko sa ibang mga examinees, isang biscuit lang dala nila tapos ako may dalang isang malaking plastic bag.”

If there’s anything we can say, it’s that the UPCAT’s no picnic when it comes to difficulty.

2. The Dreamer

“Plano ko no’n, gumawa ng 1,000 paper cranes kasi may wish ka raw no’n ‘pag nagawa mo. Balak ko mag-wish na pumasa ako ng UPCAT. Nung mga naka-100+ na ko, na-realize kong baka mas mabuting mag-aral na lang ako.”

Glad you also turned out to be a doer!

1. The Blessed

“Before UPCAT, nag-church ako tapos nagpa-bless ako kay Father. As in lahat; from pencils, to sharpener, eraser, bag, and outfit!”

Dasal lang. Dasal lang talaga.

Do you have your own share of funny UPCAT moments? Share them in the comments section!


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