LOL: Dolce Amore Star Who Looks Like Daniel Radcliffe Wears A Harry Potter Costume


Dolce Amore fans can’t seem to get over the fact that Roberto Marchesa, father of Serena in the hit TV show “Dolce Amore”, looks like Daniel Radliffe, most popularly known as Harry Potter. The Internet has been buzzing about this uncanny resemblance by making memes, jokes and the like.


Screenshot by Faye Chongko-Perez

It looks like the Dolce Amore producers are taking notice and are well aware of this, too. On the April 1st episode of Dolce Amore, Roberto wore a Harry Potter costume! LOL!

Netizen Faye quickly took a quick snap of her TV screen and told us about the episode:

“They were invited to a party and found out later on it wasn’t a costume party. The couple have a strained relationship, so this move provided to soften their marriage. My own interpretation at least.”


Ruben Maria Soriquez, the actor who plays Roberto Marchesa, is a Filipino-Italian actor, producer and director. He settled in the Philippines with his family last 2013.


In 2014, he starred (as Father Leonardo), produced and directed the movie “Of Sinners and Saints”, which resulted in a landslide victory. He won Best Performance from World Premieres Film Festival, World Film Awards, Accolade Competition and International Independent Film Awards. Whoah!

Photo by Evan Agostini

The resemblance is uncanny! Thanks for sharing this with us, Faye!

Did you watch this episode of Dolce Amore?


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