LMFAO in Manila – Party Rock at the Big Dome

LMFAO in Manila saw a night of wet and wild party rock in the Smart-Araneta Coliseum. A jam-packed coliseum experienced the Party Rock Crew like never before, taking ‘wild parties’ to a whole new level when in Manila.


LMFAO in Manila – Party Rocking Manila


LMFAO parties and concerts will always be a little bit insane, and the LMFAO in Manila concert brought the whole Party Rock experience to the crowd with its usual dash of flair, party music, and the LMFAO brand of how to party in style. LMFAO brought a zebra-themed performance onstage – which featured unsurprisingly enough, a massive zebra blow-up – coupled with bright lights, crazy bling, and sick dancing from four members of America’s Best Dance Crew winners Quest Crew.



Foo says he’s sexy and you know it.



LMFAO in Manila with his dancers.



Lines were understandable long for the LMFAO in Manila party in the Big Dome, and tickets sold out quickly on site. In fact, additional tickets had to be printed by the organizers just to accommodate the amount of party rock-ready crowd. Once inside, the Coliseum was more a superclub than a multipurpose hall, with people party rocking left and right. RedFoo and the rest of the Crew regularly tossed neon light wands to the crowd, at one point giving away the vodka bong that was a prominent feature of the show.



RedFoo with a constant vodka companion onstage.



Performance by ABDC winners and certified Party Rockers Quest Crew.



LMFAO in Manila party rockers.



In between shots of alcohol via bong, the Party Crew celebrated crew member Party Mike’s birthday, stripped to skimpy Speedos, and eventually tossed the blow-up zebra to the Party Rockers too. RedFoo also played DJ through his iPhone for the last quarter of the LMFAO in Manila party rock concert. Front-row guests were also treated to a very literal champagne shower as the Party Rock Crew sprayed champagne at the party rockers.



Speedos, shuffle bot, and zebra.



Sexy and they know it: RedFoo, Quest Crew, and Party Rock Crew dancers.



Quest Crew’s Hok Konishi party rocking at LMFAO in Manila.



Foo DJ-ing on his iPhone while performing at the LMFAO in Manila concert.



The author in fan-boy mode with Quest Crew’s Ryan Conferido backstage.



The organizers implimented a strict no-camera policy at the patron seats level, limiting pictures to mobile phone cameras and point-and-shoots. 


LMFAO in Manila – Party Rock in Smart-Araneta Coliseum


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