Liza Soberano and Mind You Launch Mental Health Podcast “An Open Mind”

It’s been less than a month since mental health tech company, Mind You Mental Health Systems, launched its much awaited podcast series entitled “An Open Mind with Liza Soberano.” Since then it remains in the top 20 ranked podcasts on Spotify Philippines since its first episode featuring actress, singer and mental health advocate Yassi Pressman. Several viewers have already opened up about their personal mental health journeys and struggles on Mind You’s social media platforms.

liza soberano mind you podcast

Podcast host, Filipino-American actress Liza Soberano, addresses her guests with a welcoming and caring demeanour. She also has a genuine interest in Psychology, within which she is currently conducting her studies. She is therefore poised to guide these conversations in a way that allows her guests, such as Yassi Pressman and Cristine Reyes, to feel safe and secure in expressing their vulnerability and sharing their revelations in their respective mental health journeys. She is also very passionate about the cause behind Mind You and has become a dedicated member and investor in the company.

One of Mind You’s goals is to destigmatize mental health in the Philippines; a conversational podcast that embodies support, acknowledges difficult emotions and situations, and empowers its guests by championing their self-discovery and personal growth is proving to be a key way of teaching and inspiring its audience, too. 

In her episode, Yassi Pressman shared that she felt burned out from her many commitments as an actress, and that it eventually pushed her to take a break in Siargao to focus on her mental health. After her trip, she realized the importance of recognizing and accepting one’s emotions instead of ignoring them. She shares: “…Now I’d rather recognize when I’m not so okay and instead of putting a bandaid on it, I’ll dig a little bit deeper and kind of sew it…sew the wounds and then I can come back healed and move forward.” In another episode, multi-awarded actress and mom Cristine Reyes opened up about her challenges growing up and revealed that the best lesson she learned was “ to really stand up for yourself and not give in to people around you.” 

The podcast has much more in store for subscribers in the coming weeks with special guests shedding light on mental health from their various life experiences. Future guests include Enrique Gil, Kiana Valenciano, Senator Hontiveros and even Mind You’s CEO, Yuri Marshall. 

Mind You highly encourages the readers to join in on the mental health conversation and openly share their perception on the topic – because it’s only when one initiates these conversations that they are able to create real change as a nation. 

Stay tuned for more episodes and upcoming guests by downloading “An Open Mind with Liza Soberano” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or on Podcast Network Asia’s website. If you would like to see anyone guest on the podcast, feel free to message your recommendations to the Mind You team on Instagram @mindyoumhs

“An Open Mind with Liza Soberano” is just one of the many projects Mind You has implemented to provide the impetus for mental health transformation in the Philippines. Mind You currently provides organisations with high quality preventative therapy sessions with licensed psychologists, along with real world psychometric reports that businesses can use to make better decisions. Soon, Mind You will be launching talk therapy services to the general public, where individuals can book sessions with psychologists in a few simple steps. 

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