List of Remaining Holidays for 2011 (Starting August)

When in Manila (or anywhere in the Philippines) you might wanna hold your horses before booking that flight for a loooong weekend you are soo looking forward to next month. Here’s the real deal: According to the Manila Bulletin website, August 29 (Monday) is a regular holiday while August 30 (Tuesday)  is a special non-working holiday because of Eid’l Fitr (End of Ramadan).

For our dear BPO workers and Sunday people, August 21 (Ninoy Aquino Day) is a special non-working holiday (woot, woot!) All of these are in accordance with the Presidential Proclamation No. 84 which declares the regular holidays, special days(non-working holidays), and special holidays (for the schools) for the year 2011.

<embed src=”*insert dumb blonde’s voice here* Forget about Holiday Economics! That was sewww last administration.*rolls eyes*</embed> Holidays falling on a weekend wouldn’t be moved to the nearest Monday anymore, at least not on PNoy’s administration.

Click here if you don’t have issues with numbers and you want to know the computation pay for holidays in the Philippines <elseif> proceed to next paragraph

(Source: JLP-Law Blog)

I know there are times when we just wanna laze around in our jammies while singing to “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars (or was it just me? No, it can’t be! lol) But we gotta work that *ss off for those Korean dresses you’ve been wanting to buy online, or that IPhone(insert single-digit-number).

If you want to know the remaining holidays for 2011 aside from the ones posted above, here they are:

  • November 1, Tuesday – All Saints Day (SnD)
  • November 30, Wednesday – Bonifacio Day (RH)
  • December 25, Sunday – Christmas Day (RH)
  • December 30, Friday – Rizal Day (RH)
  • December 31, Saturday – Last Day of the Year (SnD)

*SnD – Special Non-Working Holiday

*RH – Regular Holiday

Reminder to everyone (including self): Use your paid leaves wisely!

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