5 Important Lessons You Can Learn from “Slumberland”, According to the Cast

Slumberland is a new movie set to show on Netflix this November 11, 2022. Although taking audiences to a magical new place, there is so much more to the movie than just fun and games. It’s filled with a ton of lessons too. We recently got to interview the cast members of Slumberland – Marlow Barkley, Jason Momoa, and Chris O’Dowd – and asked them about the lessons you can take away from watching the film.

5 Important Lessons You Can Learn from Slumberland, According to the Cast

You can overcome your fears.

In Slumberland, Nemo (played by Marlow Barkley) goes through a lot of hardships and is repeatedly told that she fears too many things. In fact, she experiences quite a few nightmares because of these fears; but Marlow wants to remind kids that it is possible to overcome fears, no matter how great they might be.

Slumberland Netflix Movie 1 scaled e1667888329551

SLUMBERLAND – (L-R) Jason Momoa as FLIP and Marlow Barkley as NEMO. Cr: Netflix © 2022

Leave yourself open to dreams.

During our interview, Chris O’Dowd stressed the importance of dreams – and not just dreaming itself, but leaving ourselves open to dream. “Make sure you’re doing things interesting enough during your day that you’ve got something worth dreaming about,” he advises. “You can’t force yourself to dream but you can force yourself to be open.”

You can accomplish your dreams.

On that note, Marlow also points out that it is always possible to reach your dreams, no matter what other people might say. “If you have something that’s special to you and everybody else doubts you or overthinks it or underestimates you, hold onto that dream and keep the people that you love in your life and you’ll be able to accomplish even greater dreams than you could have ever imagined,” she states.

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SLUMBERLAND – Marlow Barkley as NEMO in Slumberland. Cr: Netflix © 2022

Don’t forget to keep your inner child alive.

Jason Momoa plays the role of Flip in Slumberland, who is basically a giant ball of fun. In line with his character, Jason reminds us to reconnect with our inner child. “It doesn’t matter how old you are,” he stresses. “Just have fun and keep that little sparkle alive. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Family is wherever you call home.

Chris points out that family doesn’t always mean what it is in the literal sense. “Family is really wherever you call home,” he says, setting Nemo’s circumstances as a prime example. “For Nemo, her family changes over the course of the movie but as long as she’s made to feel at home, she always has family.”

Watch the trailer of Slumberland here:

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