Left Behind: Your Ultimate Halloween Escape Room

Left Behind

Escape rooms have been a hot spot for barkada bondings since they started popping up in the past few years. Among the many fun escape room establishments we’ve covered so far, this recently opened local one, Left Behind, is one you definitely need on your radar.

Left Behind is a new escape room experience founded by a group of friends who banded together to start a business that capitalized on all of their skill sets. Influenced by video games, what they got is an originally conceptualized set of escape rooms all sharing one common factor: trapped in a place that is on the verge of lockdown. If you don’t solve all the clues within 45 minutes, you will get left behind.

Launched in April 2016, Left Behind entered the field with a considerable amount of competitors who already had well-established escape rooms, yet they managed to bring something new and different to the table that makes itself a must-try for everyone, escape room rookies and veterans alike.

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One thing to appreciate even as you enter is its themed waiting room that’s styled after old and classic cinemas.

Left Behind

Like its waiting room, the escape room itself gives you the illusion that you’re now part of your favorite scary movie. This time, you can’t cover your eyes. You have to make it through the rooms or else you’ll be Left Behind. You’ll be hesitant to walk through the maze of rooms because you’ll be expecting a jumpscare—just like in the movies. Don’t worry, there are no jumpscares involved in the rooms! The trick is to remember that the fear is all in your head. Although, this is much easier said than done once you start playing. The items for each room tie in to the room’s theme well and sometimes even serve as a hint for your team. Take note that the items labeled with an orange sticker are breakable! There’s no need to use them, they were just placed in the room as props.

Tip:  Really work as a team. Think about the wordplay in Left Behind- let this be your clue. Goodluck!

The Institution

Left Behind

We decided to try out The Institution themed escape room. This, like all the other rooms, has its own original storyline. The premise of the story revolves around the idea that you and your friends are locked inside an old mental asylum that’s on the verge of lockdown–you have to get out or you will be trapped forever. The story unfolds as you go through the room. The clues are laid out in such a clever way–the design team really made sure to use all the space in the room wisely. We were told that the story would be made clear once we reached the final room, but sadly, our team didn’t get to finish on time. We all need to know who Kathy is!!!

Left Behind has a wall of winners posted in their waiting room. It even blends in with the theme since it looks like a movie reel.

You can get your barkada pic up on the wall if you’re able to solve the room in the least amount of time-=but only on your first try!

Left Behind

What else?

In their Shaw branch, they also offer a nautical themed escape room called The Sinking, and an up-and-coming room, The Train. Each room can accommodate 2-6 players, with prices ranging from P410 to P690, depending on the number of players. Their Shaw branch is also currently holding a promo for rooms at P350 on weekdays and P450 on weekends.

Other branches include a pop-up store at Uptown Mall, BGC with a special horror maze in time for the Halloween season.

Left Behind

Left Behind PH

Mandala Park, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, Philippines 1552
+63 927 770 7230
Twitter: @LeftBehindPH
Open Hours: Tues-Fri 3 PM-10 PM | Sat-Sun  1 PM-10 PM

Written by Kat Lopez and Chiara Ledesma


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