Lee Boutique Hotel Tagaytay: A Home in the Heart of Tagaytay

Everyone loves Tagaytay. The good breeze is an escape from the heat of the metro. The best part of it being that Tagaytay is just an hour away for most, When In Manila. You may enjoy having coffee, the sight of Taal Volcano and going on a food trip to find the best Bulalo in town.

While your feet tire and you’ve had a good meal, you’d want to stay in a hotel that was affordable, clean and conveniently located near the vicinity of your activities.

Lee Boutique is located in the heart of Tagaytay, along Calamba Road, a kilo meter worth of radius to the best places in Tagaytay. I could even walk to the newly opened Starbucks with a gorgeous view.

They have received negative feedback from their customers over the past weeks, which was also blown out of proportion and they have invited us to come see their hotel and experience what they offer and even what they don’t.

leeboutiqueP1680424_batchThe lobby was very homey. It was small (Of course it was a boutique hotel) but still had room to accommodate incoming guests. They served welcome drinks and were very accommodating. Check in was quick was well.


The best thing is that each bed has the comfiest sheets and pillows I’ve ever had. Wish I knew where they would get their sheets from but it made me not want to get out of bed anymore. It was so cozy, perfect for the tagaytay weather.


2 bedroom suite comes with 2 bedrooms with a master’s bedroom with 1 king size bed and a 2nd room with 2 single beds. This is ideal with families especially those who have kids. They also have a table for you to eat or in my case, did some work over here while enjoying the generous lighting from the windows.

leeboutiqueP1680449_batch-tileThere were also LCD TVs in all rooms: The common room/living room, the masters’ and the 2nd bedroom. The location of the tv box was very strange, some were on the side and some were very high. You had to be up in a certain angle to switch channels. I told the management this and they told me that this will be taken care of. Our TV wasn’t fully functional as well (or we just didn’t know how to use it properly) and they immediately changed the TV, not fixed but changed. It was a good room service all in all.


One thing that I really love about their suite was that their ceilings were very high.

leeboutiqueP1680447_batch-tileThey had a fridge and a mini coffee corner where you can prepare your coffee or have some tea. There are also complimentary water and other things you will need, if they do not have it you may call them up and ask for something. I’m not sure which ones are free and which ones are not but you can always ask their friendly staff.

leeboutiqueP1680445_batch-tileThey had a bathtub as well. We had an issue with the tap in the bathroom. We couldn’t understand how to get the right temperature but after the staff showed us how to do it, we were able to do it.

leeboutiqueP1680465_batch-tileI think the best part of the whole boutique hotel was the rooftop eventhough they didn’t have a clear view of the volcano, I loved how clean it was and how peaceful it was as well. I would really love to have some wine and talk with my friends as well. It had such a romantic vibe to it. The weather contributed to the vibe, I was glad we went with such great weather. We watched the sky turn purple and down to dusk.

This was also where we had our breakfast. To be honest, I hate hotel food most of the time. Especially ala carte ones. They usually lack quality since the demand of convenience is high and they are usually overpriced! I was really surprised as to how much a plate of breakfast was! There was so much bacon!!! Usually hotels just give like 2 tiny strips but yaaaay! Thanks, Lee Boutique!



Their coffee was great as well. Our family gets our years worth supply of coffee from Tagaytay as it has one of the best coffee grounds (You can check their market and try it for yourself) I’m pretty sure this brew is from the same source.

When In Tagaytay, try and experience Lee Boutique Hotel for simple warm comfort and convenience in the heart of Tagaytay.


Calamba Road, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite


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