Learn Basic Photography With The Creative Genius Jim Paredes

When in Manila and would like to learn on how to capture lovely and meaningful photos, we suggest you enroll at Jim Paredes’ Basic Photography Workshop!


Sir Jim Paredes is truly an artist in many ways – A member of the legendary singing group Apo Hiking Society, prolific songwriter, performer, author, teacher, photographer, lecturer- name it, you got it! I actually grew up listening to the music of Apo Hiking Society (my favorite songs include Panalangin and Anna)! It is very rare to find a person who does so many things and excels in all of them! I may say, sir Jim is indeed a person  who is passionate about living no wonder  many people are drawn to him for insight and inspiration!

Frank and I  feel very honored to be given this opportunity to spend this afternoon with this creative genius and be influenced by his art. It was truly one very inspiring  and fun afternoon for all of us who attended!

Allow us to give you a visual tour on what happened during this wonderful afternoon! =)

Photography is basically all about effectively capturing light. Taking photos using a DSLR is way different from the usual point and shoot that’s why in order to successfully take photos,  you need to understand the behavior of light and things such as on how to  set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO in order to capture a correctly exposed photo.

This afternoon, since the class was all about basic photography, Sir Jim Paredes taught the students on how to operate their cameras as well as basic composition techniques. He also showed us his best works and told us the stories behind his photos.

jim paredes wim 60

The class was very casual… not a typical classroom style session. He made sure all of us were relaxed!

 jim paredes wim 62

he taught us about correct exposure using MANUAL MODE

jim paredes wim 8

Sir Jim made sure everyone had fun!  He taught the students to be more imaginative and think “out of the box”

In every photo lies a story……..

For our 1st activity, Sir Jim asked us to roam around his house and take photos showing contrast…..

jim paredes wim 73

contrast between texture and color


jim paredes wim 11

colors are also very vital!

jim paredes wim 10

open for interpretations…

He then taught us tricks  on how to freeze moving subjects….

jim paredes wim 80

After a quick break, Sir Jim prepared his strobe set up and taught the students some basics when taking portraits!

jim paredes wim 102

The students were amazed with the photos they took that day! bye bye auto mode!

jim paredes wim 103

I believe this was the most fun part because he made the students experience an actual photo shoot with a model!

jim paredes wim 96

taking photos isn’t just about clicking and clicking your shutter… it also requires a lot of thinking  😉


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the maestro at work

382676 2225320957707 1388269901 31907189 1614556948 n

he taught us  how to balance light and shadows  for portraits

jim paredes wim 118

Meet our lovely model Nikka!

jim paredes wim 108

Frank and I enjoyed this session a lot!

Here are some of our shots…

jim paredes wim 25

beautiful eyes

jim paredes wim 84


316398 2225322437744 1388269901 31907197 1797208025 n

jim paredes wim 117

it’s not easy to be a model! ahihihi

 jim paredes wim 125

Frank and Sir Jim

jim paredes wim 126

Very honored to share this frame with him! =)

Here’s a testimonial from one of his students that day….

I really had a wonderful experience at Jim Paredes’ Basic Photography Workshop. There were no dull moments in that 5-hour class.

Photography terms were explained  in a simple and clear manner… nothing intimidating. At the end of the class, I couldn’t believe that I took all those pictures on manual mode… Jim Paredes truly inspired me to become a better photographer! :)~ Tin Militante

I may say, we were touched by an artist that day! I carry with me a very deep  sense of respect for people who devote themselves in inspiring people through the arts. For me, artists are more like superheroes because they are the movers of mankind. They push and inspire people to dream and view the world  in a different perspective. For his contributions both in the performing and visual arts, there is no doubt that sir Jim Paredes deserves much recognition and respect!

 379121 2225337038109 1388269901 31907277 868096159 n

class picture with the girls

Thank you so much sir Jim for sharing your wisdom and talents with us! For reminding us to tell stories with our photos and to look beyond what is seen by the naked eye. May you and your family be showered with more and more blessings and creativity! You are definitely an inspiring person worth meeting when in Manila!

Basic Photography Class by Jim Paredes

January 28th, 2012 (Saturday)

1 to 6:30PM.

Venue is #113  B. Gonzales, Loyola Heights, QC.

Call 426 53 75 or 0916 855 43 03  look for Olie

Cost is 3,920php  includes VAT.  Must have DSLR

Reserve now!!!

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Learn Basic Photography With The Creative Genius Jim Paredes