La Prima: A Stunning Luxury Beach Experience at Acuatico Beach Resort

Marking the 11th year anniversary of Acuatico Beach Resort comes the unveiling of an even more stunning luxury beach experience: La Prima.


Acuatico Beach Resort is acknowledged worldwide as a premium luxury resort that is widely known for its scenic infinity pool. It is also known for its excellent guest service and dining experience that keep customers coming back. Just when you thought you couldn’t get more from a premium resort, the La Prima experience made more luxury unfold.

The La Prima Story


Acuatico has been dedicated to bringing premium experience to its customers for 10 years now. Their continuous improvement on their facilities and services relies on principles of privacy, exclusivity, and personalization, which led to the concept of La Prima.

The making of La Prima took two and a half years, and as per the General Manager Simonette Gusi, it is a dream come true to them. Now, it has become the way they have imagined to make every customer’s stay more enjoyable.


The double celebration of their 11th anniversary and the launching of La Prima was graced by the presence of the municipal officials, Architect Jerome dela Cruz, and Infinite Reward members (loyal customers of Acuatico).

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La Prima is an exclusive new wing located at the higher part of the resort. The grand villas with modern rooms, and a private pool with jacuzzis are perfect for those who value the utmost privacy.

The private pool is a picturesque view overlooking the resort’s landscape and with a separate children’s pool.


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La Prima privileges include a seamless check-in that is personally handled by a dedicated staff, a private check-out at the La Prima lounge, complimentary breakfast in the exclusive Intimo Breakfast Lounge, a private pool, access to the fitness center, complimentary use of sauna facilities at Simona Spa, and a bespoke turn-down service.


Welcome to luxury. Welcome to La Prima!

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